• Device of boring sounding

    This test method to similarly cone penetration test (CPT) at  assessment of a stratigraphy, detection of cavities and cracksб and of the soil field investigations. 

  • Automated system for soil triaxial tests

    The system for sand and clay soil and frozen soil axisymmetric tests complies with ASTM, ISO, BS standards.

  • Direct Shear Device

    The device is used for measuring shear resistance of disperse and frozen soils and consists of a loading system and a shear box. There are applied different loading systems and shear boxes, depending on the soil type. 

  • Oedometer device

    The device was developed for commercial laboratories to reduce time and money in consolidation tests

  • Frost heave test

    The set is used for measuring parameters of frost heaving soils, required for designing highways, airfields and other facilities. 

GEOTEK – Research and Development Enterprise

     LLC R&D Enterprise GEOTEK (ООО НПП ГЕОТЕК) develops and manufactures ASIS (АСИС) automated devices and systems for the tests of natural and produced building materials: soils, rocks, asphalt, concretes and cements.

    Quite a few GEOTEK technologies have no counterparts worldwide that helps further rapid development and search for international partners. GEOTEK’s current customers are industrial enterprises in RF, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Estonia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

   LLC R&D GEOTEK is an innovative enterprise, focused on continuous technology and production development to meet the requirements of high technical standards and those of the customers

     In 2000 GEOTEK succeeded its predecessor the then Geotek minor enterprise set up in 1993.  In 2009 GEOTEK was included in the Register “Best Companies and Entities in Foundation Engineering Sector in Russia” by the resolution of the Tender Commission of the Russian Society for Soil Mechanics, Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering in Russia” as a best producer of equipment for field and laboratory soil tests

   GEOTEK has started production of the following equipment for field soil tests:

       - Drill Penetration Test;
       - Cone Penetration Test;
       - Flat and Screw Plate Test;
       - Vane Test;
       - Flat Dilatometer Test;
       - Cutting Ring Test

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