Data acquisition unit0 руб.

Data acquisition unit


This four-channel device applies for data communication between the software and all automatic devices: oedometer, shear, unaxial compression and tri-axial devices.

  The device is a multi-channel converter. Its analogue inputs connect with physical values sensors (displacements, loads, pressures). Its discrete outputs connect to control circuits of stepped motors for the articles of the system.
    The device is manufactures in two modifications. The first one for data collection and control, while the second one only for data collection e.g. from the sensors of deformation, tilt, temperature and pressure. The modules can be installed vertically one on top of the other that is effective for laboratory environment and connect with cables, having multiple devices for soil tests, controlled by the same program.

Technical specification



Analogue/digital converter, bits


Computer interface 


Read-out rate

0.1 sec

Galvanic hub

+/- 20 mV

Ethernet connector for РС

100 Mb

Dimensions, mm (width x depth x height)

475 x 270 x 165

Weight, kg


Power supply

110-240 V 50/60 Hz

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 The device applies to communicate data between software and all automatic devices such as oedometer, shear, unaxial compression and tri-axial device and  automated system for complex soil tests.