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Consolidometer with measurement lateral stress



   This instrument is used in commercial laboratories to reduce time and cost of the tests. It differs from the standard oedometer device in that the tests yield deformation modulus and lateral pressure ratio, Poisson ratio, angle of internal friction, cohesion, structural strength, pre-compression, parameters of primary and secondary consolidation, filtration ratio of clay soils.
   The consolidometer cell (oedometer) is installed in a pressure chamber that can generate up to 8 MPa axial pressure and up to 2 MPa back pressure with pore pressure measurement.
    The load frame based one dimensional consolidation cell is capable of applying back pressure and measuring pore pressures up to 1MPa (low pressure version) or 20MPa (high pressure version).

Standard: ASTM D 2435, ASTM D  4186 , ASTM D3877, AASHTO T 216, BS 1377-5, GOST 1248, ISO       17892-5

Technical Specification



Maximum vertical force, kN


Maximum lateral streeses, MPa


Maximum pore pressure, MPa


Displacement transducer, mm


Specimen size, mm


Measurement accuracy, %


Dimensions, mm (WxDxH)

280x300x 600

Weight, kg


Power supply

110-240 V 50/60 Hz, 1 ph

Main features

1. One only computer simultaneous automatic control of up to 30 consolidometers before and up to the completion.  
2. Three test types: static, kinematic and with stress relaxation.
3. Two conditions for automatic initiation of the vertical load next stage: deformation stabilization time and pore pressure dissipation.
4. In static loading conditions the tests can go on automatically for several days without opertator interference..
5. In conditions of kinematic and relaxation loading the tests time reduces to several hours that essentially increases productivity and reduces cost.
6. Automatic loading excludes negative factors such as subjective operator interference and manual application of loads.
7. Non-stop operations with no operator involvement.                                                           

8. One software code controls up to 30 compression devices.
9. Simple measuring system configuration procedure with several devices and calibration of measuring channels. 

In typical automatic oedometer configuration includes:

- load frame and oedometer cell with accessories: the proper model can be selected from our range (see Load frame)
- data acquisition unit  connected to a PC (see Acquisition unite)
- pressure controllers (see Pressure controller)
- test automatic control and processing software (see Software)


Consolidometer cell

Untitled-8  Untitled-9

High quality stainless steel or brass oedeometer cells in various diameters per as Standards and also available on request for customized diameters.


- air-tight cell
- pore pressure measurement option
- back pressure sample water saturation
- lateral stresses measurement
- stainless steel rings
- sample diameters from 50,47 mm to 100,8 mm

Unite for the sample preparation

Untitled-10 Untitled-11

    The device is used to place a cohesive soil sample into a consolidometer ring.  It is applied jointly  with a device for cutting soil samples from  monoliths (see Soil sampler)

Specific features

- fabricated from steel with anode coated steel