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Direct Shear Device

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    The device is used for measuring shear resistance of disperse and frozen soils and consists of a loading system and a shear box. There are applied different loading systems and shear boxes, depending on the soil type.
    Application of a stepper motor and a gearbox for generating lateral load enables tests with different shear rates.
    The device is equipped with two displacement gauges for measuring vertical and horizontal deformations during soil sample destruction. It can also measure the soil angle of internal friction, cohesion and dilatancy angle.
   Soil samples can be pre-compacted both in the apparatus and in the preliminary consolidation device. 

Standard specification: GOST 12248, ASTM D3080, AASHTO T236, BS 1377-7

Main features

1. One computer automatic control of three independent one-plane shear devices from the beginning to the end of the tests
2. The test can go on non-stop continuously for a long time without operator ensures high reliability and reduces test cost
3. An automatic loading system does not require any manual operations i.e., application of loads to the hand controls. 
4. Continuous data recording from gauges in real time. One program can control up to 10 devices simultaneously.
6. The software includes test control and gauge calibration procedures.

Technical specification



Maximum vertical load, kN


Мaximum lateral load, kN


Two displacement gauges, mm


Sample dimensions: diameter/height, mm


Measurement accuracy, %


Dimensions, mm (width x depth x height)

280x300x 600

Weigth, kg


Power source

110-240 В 50/60 Гц


1. Load Frame can be selected from our equipment, depending on the required values of vertical and lateral loads
2. Data acquition system
3. Prelimanery consolidation device
4. Shear box
5. Test control software