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Oedometer device


    The device was developed for commercial laboratories to reduce time and money in consolidation tests. The tests are conducted on disperse soils in order to determine oedometric and compression deformation moduli.   Simultaneously additional parameters are measured such as pre-compression pressure, structural strength of cohesive soils, primary and secondary consolidation parameters, filtration ratio of clay soils.
     The operation chamber of the device (oedometer) is installed in a loading device that can apply axial load up to 8 МPа as well as back pressure with pore pressure up to 2 MPa measurement

Standards: GOST 12248, ASTM D 2435,  ASTM D  4186 ,  ASTM D3877, AASHTO T 216, 
                   BS 1377-5,  ISO 17892-5

Technical specification



Maximum vertical load, kN


Vertical displacement, mm


Sample diameter, mm

60 and  97   

Measurement accuracy, %


Dimensions, mm (width x depth x height

280x300x 600

Weight, kg


Power source

110-240 V 50/60 Hz

Note: technical data may be changed by the  Customer request

Main features

1. Automatic control of up to 30 compression apparatus simultaneously from the beginning to the end of tests controlled by one computer.
2. Three test types: static, kinematic and with stress relaxation.
3. Two conditions of automatic generation of the next stage of the vertical load: deformation stabilization time and pore pressure dissipation rate.
4. In static loading mode the tests can go on automatically for several days without operator interference.  
5. In kinematic and relaxation loading mode the tests reduce to several hours that greatly increase productivity and reduce costs. 
6. Automatic loading excludes negative factors such as operator subjective interference and manual load application. 
7. Continuous time mode tests without operator. 
8. One program controls up to 30 compression apparatus. 
9. Simple procedure  of configuring the measuring system with several devices and measurement channels calibration.


Standard configuration of compression apparatus includes:
1. Load frame
2. Oedometer
3. Data acquisition unit
4. Test control software