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Vane shear test


    The vane shear soil tests purpose is to measure soil undrained strength parameters. The tests are conducted to assess variations of clay, organic-mineral and organic soils parameters. Such tests are also done in liquid and liquid plastic soils, where sampling of monoliths is difficult.
     The set includes a vane, push rods and an electronic unit, equipped with a display. The vane is hand driven into soil to measure the ultimate torque, whose value is used to determine soil undrained strength parameter evaluation. The measured values are plotted to visualize the soil undrained strength profile versus depth.  The undrained soil strength parameter (undrained soil shear resistance) is used to assess the strength of soft, water-saturated clay, organic-mineral and organic soils.   

Technical specification



Vane height/diameter, mm


Torque, Nm


Vertical load, kN


Total mass, kg


Power source

12 V