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Automated system for complex soil tests (ASIS)


     ASIS is applied to testing disperse and frozen soils to determine strength and deformation parameters. ASIS is a set of various devices/gadgets for static and kinematic soil tests, a data acquisition system and test control and test data processing software.

    The system of arbitrary configuration includes devices for soil uniaxial compression tests, direct shear test, oedometer and triaxial tests.
   The automated tests are controlled by the same computer with data measuring system and software.  
   The software is applied to configure the automated system, measuring channels calibration, test control, current data display and for test data protocols generation. 


Unconfained compression test:  ASTM D2166, AASHTO T 208, BS 1377-7, GOST 12248

Direct Shear Test: ASTM D3080, AASHTO T236, GOST 12248, BS 1377-7

Oedometer test: ASTM D 2435, ASTM D  4186, AASHTO T 216, BS 1377-5, GOST 1248

Triaxial Test: ASTM D 2850, AASHTO T 296, ASTM D 4767, AASHTO T 297, ASTM D7181, BS 1377-6,
                       BS 1377-8, GOST 12248

Main advantages:

1. Convenient for standard tests in commercial laboratories.
2. Modular configuration can include any devices that is convenient for equipping laboratories.
3. In case of power cut all measured data is stored, and the tests continue after power is on.
4. The test can be static and kinematic.
5. Two conditions for automatic application of the current vertical load stages: strain stabilization time and       pore pressure dissipation rate.
6. Static and kinematic load tests can go on automatically for several days without operator.
7. Automatic loading excludes negative factors such as operator interference and manual load application.
8. Non-stop tests without operator.
9. Simple configuration of the measuring system, having several devices and calibration of the measuring channels

Technical Specification

In typical ASIS configuration includes:
1. One triaxial device
2. Two pressure controllers 
3. From one  to three shear device
4. From one  to six oedometer device
5. Uniaxial device
6. Data acquisition unit  
7. Test control and processing software