Triaxial automated system0 руб.

Automated system for soil triaxial compression tests

Triaxial test 

     The system for sand, clay soil axisymmetric and frozen soil tests complies with GOST (Russian State Standard) 12248-2010 techniques and ASTM, BS standards.

The main features

1. Simultaneous tests by at least three complete tri-axial devices by the same (one) computer.
2. Total and effective stress tests as UU (unconsolidated undrained), CU (Consolidated undrained) and CD (consolidated drained)  in isotropic  conditions according to ASTM and BS Standards.
3. KO anisotropic volume controlled tests.
4. PC closed loop control for continuous monitoring and istantaneous reaction of systems components.
5. User-friendly software for remote control and test procedure.
6. Ideal solution for high demands laboratories which requires high productivity and reliability.
7. External factors and inconsistencies between different operators are eliminated.
8. Test procedures are standardized in a test regime.

Standards: ASTM D 2850, AASHTO T 296, ASTM D4767, AASHTO T 297, ASTM D7181, BS 1377-6,   BS 1377-8, GOST 12248

Technical specification



Max vertical load, kN


Min lateral pressure, МPa


Max pore pressure, MPa


Axial strain, mm


Sample diameter, mm

38 - 100

Measurement accuracy, %


Overall dimensions, mm (width x depth x height)

Complete set

Complete set total mass, kg


Power source

110-240 V, 50/60 Hz

     The system is complete with an 0.6 MPa air compressor.


Tri-axial apparatus standard set includes:

1. Power loading device and tri-axial compression cell can be selected from the GEOTEK product line  (see Loading system and tri-axial compression cell)

2. System for data acquisition from sensors and load controls (see Data acquisition unit)

3. Pore pressure and lateral pressure controller in tri-axial cell (see  Pressure control device)

4. Test control program

5. De-aeration system (see. De-airing water system)