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Unaxial compression device

Unaxial test_1 Unaxial test_2

     It is applied to tests of coherent and rocky soil. During tests axial deformation and tension, radial deformation are measured. Regulation the speed of axial deformation when loading a sample of soil is provided.

     Tests are carried out for the purpose of determination of durability of soil in the conditions of unaxial compression, with possibility of expansion of soil sample in the lateral direction. Possibility of measurement radial deformation is provided. In this case it is possible to define Poisson's coefficient and the module of elasticity.

Standards: GOST 12248, ASTM D 7012, BS EN 1926:2006

Technical specification



Maximum vertical load, kN


Vertical displacement, mm


Sample diameter, mm

38, 50, 75, 100    

Measurement accuracy, %


Dimensions, mm (width x depth x height

280x300x 600

Weight, kg


Power sourceИсточник питания

110-240 В 50/60 Hz

Note: technical data may be changed by the  Customer request


Standard configuration of device includes:

1. Load frame
2. Chamber
3. Data Acquisition Unit
4. Test control software