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Device of boring sounding

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   This test method to similarly cone penetration test (CPT) at  assessment of a stratigraphy, detection of cavities and cracksб and of the soil field investigations. 

    The device of boring sounding is interfaced in the standard way to the drive of a rotator of drilling rigs and allows to register drilling parameters: rotation speed, torque size, size of axial loading and vertical movement of a boring column, weight of a boring column and weight of soil on flanges of auger.

    The device allows to register drilling parameters as when drilling in the continuous and hollow augers. In the latter case selection of monoliths of soil a thin-walled sampler is possible.

   The method of boring sounding is more attractive in comparison with method of CPT. First, this unlike CPT is applicable not only in sandy and clay soil, but also in gravel soils, rocks and frozen soil. Secondly, this method allows to find directly the module of deformation of soil and resistance to shear without use of correlation field and laboratory data of tests.

    Data of measurements are transfer on a wireless communication to the computer that is one more advantages a method of boring sounding.

Technical specification



Maximum torque, кНм


Maximum vertical load, kH


Lenth of a thread encoder, m


Size: diameter/heigth, mm


Weigth, kg


Power supplay

12 V