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Soil test set for footing inspection10 руб.

Soil test set for footing inspection


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  The test set determines soil friction angle, cohesion and deformation modulus in situ. The tests are staged in pits during inspection of footings or onto excavations bottoms.
  The set includes a power electro-mechanical drive, a T-shaped support beam and three anchors. Shear tests are performed with ring-shaped either 60 cm2 plate or a circular 600 cm2 plate.
   In shear tests, the axial load and torque are controlled with two stepper motors. The rotation speed varies from 0.1 to 15o per second. The measured data is continuously stored and displayed on computer screen.     The tests are similar to direct shear technique. The tangent load increases to the limit and then shear soil over the ring surface due to shear box rotation. The tests are carried out at different normal stresses that enables the diagram to be plotted and the design parameters to be determined i.e.: angle of internal friction, cohesion and non-drained strength, e.g. in excavations or pits during footing inspections.
  If the 600 cm2 flat circular plate instead of the ring-shaped one is applied then it is possible to determine soil elastic modulus.

Technical specification



Shear area, сm2


Circular plate area, сm2


Shear ring height, mm


Torque, Nm


Vertical  load, kN


Total mass, kg


Power source

12 V 50/60 Hz