The qualified commissioning of the equipment - pledge of successful operation. We perform commissioning of the ASIS complexes worldwide.

    Everything interested in durable and reliable work of the ASIS complex we suggest to carry out start of the equipment by forces of highly qualified specialists of  NPP Geotek.

    That specifically we do:

·           installation and placement of the equipment in laboratory of the customer;

·           we connect the equipment to the personal computer;

·           we test the equipment according to "fast schemes";

·           we advise the personnel on work with the equipment and software.

    Advantages of carrying out commissioning by specialists of NPP Geotek:

·           high qualification and vocational training of engineers of the company;

·           accuracy and care of work on adjustment;

·           clarity of the report of information.


Training of users

     Within the contract of delivery for our clients consultations on work are monthly held with the acquired equipment. You will be able to seize skills of preparation of the equipment for tests and managements of procedure of their carrying out by means of the software.

      For visit of consultations it is necessary to direct the demand with instructions full name of the employee, his position and date of visit of consultations (the number of days depends on structure of the acquired complex).

    To direct the demand on an e-mail address: sales@npp-geotek.ru.

    We render assistance when booking hotel.