GEOTEK Ltd Company Ltd (OOO "НПП Геотек") has been successfully producing and marketing the equipment for testing soils and building materials in Russia and other CIS countries for over 15 years.

  In 2000 Geotek has started mass production of the first generation of automated system for material tests. Its trade name is ASIS (АСИС).

  Geotek has recently produced several ASIS sets that include devices for measuring mechanical properties of disperse and frozen soils, rocks and asphalt concretes.

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    The ASIS standard system is a family of material test instruments that feed measured data to a data processing system, controlled by one computer. Such test system appeared in 1990 and has been successfully applied for over 24 years (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF02716916).

  The Company has its own production and R&D facilities, applies up-to-date imported equipment, computer hardware and software: Solid Works, ANSYS, LS-DYNA.

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   Geotek customers are engaged in engineering geological investigations, work in R&D centers and universities. 750 organizations in Russia and other CIS countries are currently applying «НПП Геотек» products.

     Since 2005 Geotek has been training the customers’ personnel. Geotek cooperates with the Penza State Architecture and Building Construction University to train engineers and technicians at the Geotek courses: “Engineering geological investigations, laboratory and field soil tests”.    

    Geotek delivers, monitors and provides the equipment inspection and technical maintenance. At least twice a year the Geotek specialists visit the customers to provide technical maintenance, inspection and calibration of the delivered equipment.  

     Geotek holds regular annual scientific and technical conferences and workshops to present up-to-date soil and building materials test methods.

    The Company’s 15-year activity in this sphere enabled accumulation of vast experience both technically and marketwise. We do our best to meet the Customer interests by supplying the most advanced and adequate solutions for how to order and purchase the up-to-date geotechnical equipment.

      We commission ASIS anywhere around the globe.

     All parties, interested in ASIS long and safe operation, are invited to test the equipment, supported by Geotek highly qualified specialists.  

Here is what we do

-     The equipment assembly and deployment in the Customer’s laboratory;
-  Hardware connection to PC;
- “Fast” hardware tests;
- Traning personnel how to run the hardware and software.

The advantages of start-up and adjustment operations carried out by the Company’s specialists

- High professionalism of Geotek engineers;
- Highly accurate and thorough services the Geotek engineers;
- Clear and detailed data delivery.